Profee thoroughly cares about your wallet and operations security. Nevertheless, a user is also responsible for the safety of their credentials. Following these simple rules, you can considerably reduce the risk of stealing your personal data by malware or criminals:

  1. Set a reliable password. Include in your password uppercase and lowercase characters, digits and symbols. If you cannot remember it, do not store it unencoded in a place someone except you has an access to. Change your password regularly;
  2. Before entering your credentials for logging in to the system, make sure that the address of Profee official page ( is displayed in the address bar;
  3. To log in to your account, you need to enter only your phone number, password and SMS code. A request (made by means of e-mail, SMS or any other way) to send any other personal information is an indication of potential fraud;
  4. Keep the contacts in your Profee profile up-to-date. We may need to contact you promptly to prevent fraud or to receive a confirmation of your operations;
  5. After receiving SMS with confirmation code, make sure that Profee is specified as its sender. Read the message carefully;
  6. Never share SMS-code with anyone;
  7. Never share information about your account with a third party;
  8. If you receive SMS-code from Profee while not trying to login to the Profee system or to complete a transaction via your wallet, immediately contact our support service to block your wallet;
  9. Install an antivirus software on your computer and mobile device and regularly update virus databases;
  10. If you are not sure that the device from which you access the wallet is not infected, do not use it;
  11. If you suspect that your login and password have become known to a third party, immediately contact our support service;
  12. If someone else besides you has an access to the device you use to work with your wallet, before entering your personal data make sure that no screencasting programs or text assistants (like Punto Switcher) are running;
  13. If you've learnt that your SIM-card was reissued without your awareness or if the phone number connected to your wallet does not belong to you anymore, immediately contact our support service;
  14. Check your balance regularly. If you find any suspicious operations, such as those you have not initiated or whose details differ from the ones you specified, immediately contact our support service;
  15. If during dialog with a person claiming to be a specialist from Profee you have any suspicions that you are speaking with fraudster, immediately terminate the dialog and contact our support service.

You can contact our support service via:

Fraudsters frequently use e-mail and SMS for collecting personal data and persuading users to transfer money in favour of third parties on the different excuses. These messages are often very similar to the official messages from real financial organisations. Be careful! Messages from fraudsters may contain:

  1. Form for specifying your personal data;
  2. Request to provide, update or confirm your personal data (secret word, login, password, etc.);
  3. Information that your balance has been topped up, while you have not expected any deposits;
  4. Request to log in to your account through the specified link.

If you have received a suspicious message from Profee, do not reply to it, and immediately contact our support service.