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International money transfers and how they work

International money transfers and how they work

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An international money transfer is a cross-border movement of money between physical persons or legal entities without the actual movement of cash. The transfer could proceed entirely electronically, e.g., from card to card, or in a more traditional way, where cash is used in the process. Combinations are also possible where either cash or electronic money is used on the sender's or the recipient's side. But the essence is still the same - money is transferred from one country to another.

Despite the challenges, the global economy continues to grow, and people follow job opportunities across borders. Instead of relocating the entire family, many choose the chance to earn money abroad by themselves and support loved ones back home.

It can be tricky to find a reliable and fast way to send your hard-earned money back home, however. This is where cross-border money transfer services come into play.

Migrant workers often choose online money transfer services to send money to their families. Such companies offer a fast, cheap and reliable way to transfer money abroad. Spouses, parents, and children do not have to wait weeks or months for their loved ones to return. They can have almost instant access to the money they need to buy food, pay bills, and access medical care.

Cross-border remittances are funds transfers from one bank or financial institution to another. No physical money is transferred between banks or financial institutions when a transfer occurs. Instead, they transfer information about the recipient, the beneficiary bank account number, and the remitted amount.

The amount is charged to the sender’s balance. The originating bank sends a message to the beneficiary bank with payment instructions via a secure system. The beneficiary's financial institution receives all the necessary data from the originating bank and deposits its funds into the appropriate account. The two banking institutions or financial companies then carry out the netting payment.

What are the advantages of cross-border online money transfer?

Cross-border remittance is the best way to send money between individuals or businesses while retaining the efficiency associated with the fast and secure money flow. The sender can initiate the transfer quickly, and the recipient can access the funds almost immediately (depending on the chosen transfer method). Such transfers also allow people in multiple locations to transfer money to localities and financial institutions worldwide securely.

Are cross-border money transfers safe?

If you are new to money transfers or have just got a job in a new country and want to find the best way to send money back to your family, make sure you send money online through a reliable service provider.

Check if the service provider is licensed, visit their website, check out the app, and look for reviews of the money transfer service if there are any mentions of it on the internet, social platforms, and mass media. Choose a trustworthy, reputable service with positive reviews, e.g., Profee - the fastest growing money transfer platform in Europe in 2022, according to Global Banking and Finance Review media outlet. With this provider, you can feel safe knowing that your family will get the money you have worked hard for as fast as possible.

How long does an overseas money transfer take?

There are several ways to send money abroad, and they vary in the time of sending and delivery of the funds. Cross-border transfers through banks usually take up to five working days. However, human mistakes and other factors can sometimes cause delays, in extreme cases up to three weeks. But if you opt for apps to send money online, choose international card-to-card money transfers as they are generally nearly instant, cost less than a bank transfer, and take a few minutes to fill in the transfer information. This is the best way to transfer money internationally.

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