Finding a job in Poland for Ukrainians

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Legal employment in Poland lets Ukrainians not only make enough money but also achieve professional ambitions.

As of June 2021, around 1.5 million Ukrainians were employed in Poland. Migrant workers send about 1.1 billion USD, 27% more than in the same period last year.

How can one find a job in Poland and send money back to Ukraine?

What kind of jobs are available in Poland?

Polish employers offer a wide range of options both for seasonal side work and long-term employment, professional growth and integration in the local society.

These options depend on a candidate’s:

  • plans;
  • qualifications;
  • readiness to sometimes deal with temporary difficulties;
  • determination to learn the language;
  • and goal-orientation.

The evidence of practice shows that even highly qualified Ukrainians have managed to find a job corresponding to their experience and to successfully assimilate in the society.

However, most workers do not wish to remain in the country for a long time, but to quickly get a maximum wage and send the money to Ukraine.

Fast earnings are possible in unskilled jobs, such as:

  • farming — harvest of apples, vegetables and berries;
  • construction — handyman;
  • service industry — cleaning companies that work in malls and fitness clubs;
  • logistics — porters, packers or shippers in warehouses.

It is easy to get an unskilled job in Poland, there are no lengthy procedures for documents, employers pay the wages to workers and soon hire new staff.

How to find a job in Poland

Today, job hunting is easier as a number of ways are available to you:

  • via internet;
  • through acquaintances;
  • via employment agencies;
  • via announcements in Polish newspapers.

Each option has its pros and cons. The easiest way is to seek support from a person already working in Poland. But not everyone has such connections.

Online search on public internet resources helps you find employers, send your CV, have an interview via Skype learning more about the job and negotiating work and payment conditions. Though for such extensive preparations, one requires good knowledge of Polish, or at the very least English language. People who only speak Russian or Ukrainian, will have to narrow down their search for a job, thus making it harder to find a good job in Poland.

Employment agencies help find higher paid jobs. In this case, candidates are spared failure and mistakes, but need to be prepared to pay well for the service.

When there is a need to change the employer, the most proven option is to find a new workplace through announcements in Polish newspapers. This option, however, requires knowledge of Polish language, including reading skills.

Taking up a job in Poland

Depending on the conditions set out in employment agreements, there are several legal ways of employment for Ukrainians in Poland.

Citizens of Ukraine enjoy a visa free regime with the EU for tourist purposes.

If not intending to work for more than 90 days, Ukrainian citizens can work in Poland using their biometric passport without the need to obtain a visa, provided that they get one of these documents:

  • employment permit (Zezwolenie na pracę), or
  • employer’s declaration on employment of a foreigner (oświadczenia).

For longer periods of employment (exceeding 90 days), Ukrainian citizens will need to get a work visa before going to Poland.

Depending on employment conditions, one of the following visas must be obtained:

  • C 05 — for people who plan to work in Poland for up to 6 months but do not possess a biometric passport. This is a short-term Schengen visa;
  • D 05 — permits employment up to 180 days per year. This is a national visa suitable for all kinds of jobs, except for seasonal work;
  • D 05a — only for seasonal work for up to 9 months a year;
  • D 06 — allows employment for 365 days in all kinds of jobs except for seasonal work.

Polish visa processing is both time and money consuming, but the decent future income pays off.

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