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Profee is a reliable international money transfer provider. We believe that money transfers should be fast, easy, secure and at low cost for everyone.

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A favorable alternative to wire transfers

A favorable alternative to wire transfers

Our service helps people around the world to send money abroad within minutes: no hidden commissions, overpayments and unnecessary bureaucracy. Using Profee, you can support family and friends abroad, pay for goods and services or cover unexpected expenses.

In comparison with traditional wire transfers, we deliver money within minutes — directly to the recipient’s card. All transactions are transparent with no hidden commission and unnecessary paperwork. We request only basic information to provide a sufficient level of security for money transfers.

The highest level of security

The highest level of security

All customer funds are kept on segregated safeguarding accounts, separate from the company’s business accounts, so we don’t use them in financing the company’s operations.

Each year we are certified in accordance with PCI DSS security standards. We also use Tier4 data centres to ensure maximum resiliency and protection of your data and funds.

Electronic Money Institute EMI and Infrastructure

Electronic money institute (License number 115.1.3 16/2018)
Anti Fraud Department
AML Risk Management and monitoring systems
Tier 4 Data Centres
Authentication Security: 3DS and 2FA
PCI DSS Certified

Our team

Profee is a team of professionals with extensive experience in finance, international law and IT product development.

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