Security comes first

Profee gives top priority to the security of your money, data, and payments.
We use multi-level procedures for transaction monitoring, advanced data encryption, and robust authorization technology. Our license provides additional security guarantees for your money based on European-level standards.

Everything in one place in your Profee app: track, save, spend and send money online

Our priorities:

Secure infrastructure
Mandatory use of 3DS code for card payments
PCI DSS Certification Level 1
End-to-end data encryption
GDPR compliance
Online monitoring to prevent fraudulent activities

How can you protect yourself?

When using the Internet, follow these basic rules to minimize the risk of criminals gaining access to your account:

Profee physical card

Create a strong password

Change your password regularly. Remember or write it down and keep it in a place inaccessible to other people. Don’t tell it to anyone

Signing in to your personal account

Make sure the URL is correct:

Authorization and security

You only need your phone, password, and an SMS code to sign in. Any requests in any form (phone call, email, or SMS) to provide other information are signs of malicious activity

Never share the SMS code with others

If you received a verification code but did not try logging in to your account or paying via Profee, immediately contact our support team

Profee physical card

Keep your contact details updated

This way we can quickly get in touch with you and stop potential fraud attempts

Never share your account credentials with unauthorized persons

If you have suspicions that they became known to third parties, immediately contact our support team

Suspicious transactions in your history

Check your balance and transaction history frequently. If you identify transactions that are not yours or contain details other than those specified by you, immediately report this to the support team

Profee physical card

Install and regularly update your antivirus

Avoid signing in to your account from untrustworthy devices

Third-party computer

If you sign in to your account from someone else’s computer, make sure text assistants such as Punto Switcher and any screen recording software are deactivated

SIM card and phone

If you no longer own the phone number you used on Profee or the SIM card is re-issued without your knowledge, immediately report this to the support team

Phone scammers

If a conversation with a Profee employee arouses any suspicions, immediately stop the conversation and contact our support team

Profee physical card
Personal data form
A request to provide, update, or confirm personal data (your login, password, etc.)
Information that funds you were not expecting were credited to your account
A request to go to your personal account by clicking the link in the message

What can a scam message contain?

Scammers use email and SMS to collect information and persuade you into carrying out financial transactions in favor of third parties under various pretexts. Such messages look genuine, but they aren’t. Stay alert!

What can I do if I have suspicions?

If you receive a suspicious message or email on behalf of Profee, don’t respond. Contact our support team immediately.

How can I contact the security team?

Feedback form

Feedback form on Profee’s home page

Feedback form in the Support section of your Profee account