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With Profee, the exchange rate is close to the market one.

Current rate CZK 1 = AUD 0.064493
*The exact rate will be displayed before the transfer confirmation
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How to convert one currency to another?

Profee is an online money transfer service with a beneficial currency exchange rate. We boast an in-house monitoring system for cross-currency transfers – thanks to it, the exchange rate from one currency to another is close to the market one. The current exchange rate can be seen at the service’s currency calculator: you may compare it to those online currency converters have to offer!

Are Profee cross-currency transfers safe?

Are Profee cross-currency transfers safe?

Profee is safer than most currency converters: it has a European licence and uses advanced technologies to protect the transfers. You will see the current exchange rate before confirming your transfer, and the money will be credited only after your approval – so your transfer with a beneficial exchange rate will be 100% secure. The clients’ data is stored at Tier4 servers.

How to transfer from one currency to another with Profee?

Beneficial currency exchange rate for any amount!

Enter the transfer amount and the required data.
Check your currencies: you are sending one currency, and the receiver will get a different one.
Enter the payment details and confirm your transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the currency exchange rate change depending on the transfer amount?

The terms of Profee transfers stay beneficial for our clients regardless of the amount or other factors. Our service does not apply hidden fees which are common for some online currency converters. You may find a currency exchange calculator at the main page of our website; apart from that, we will show you the amount to be received before the transfer confirmation. Thus, you may be sure that sending money with Profee is always profitable.

Are Profee transfers faster than money converters?

With Profee, card-to-card transfers arrive almost instantly. As for other payment options (which depend on the currencies you choose for your transfer), delivery mostly takes just a few minutes. Thanks to the simple process of signing up and sending money online, Profee transfers are faster than most online currency converters. Apart from that, it is easy to save the transfer details to send money with the beneficial exchange rates Profee offers on a regular basis – thus, the process will speed up even more!

Why are Profee transfers more beneficial than currency converters?

When it comes to money conversion from one currency into another, Profee offers a profitable rate. Apart from that, Profee charges minimal service fees and requires no hidden payments. For popular destinations, the commission is 0% - you may check the conditions and currency rates today to get your value deal. Profee gifts a promo exchange rate for new clients sending cross-currency transfers to certain countries, and you can also benefit from various promo codes.
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