Get EU debit card
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Apply for a Profee card online in 5 minutes. No issuing fee (for virtual card) and no monthly fee.

The card is designed for secure payments and instant transfers.
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Good solution for your everyday needs:

  • Domestic and cross-border transfers to a wide range of countries.
  • Safe online shopping, managing bookings and subscriptions.
  • Handy app for card control.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible.
For more information see Tariffs.

Apply online in 5 minutes

  • 1. Register in Profee
    Or login to your Profee account if you already have one.
  • 2. Provide documents
    Identification document and proof of residence.
  • 3. Wait a bit…
    We process your personal data with the utmost confidentiality.
  • 4. Your card is ready!
    Add it to Google Pay or Apple Pay, or use it as a salary card.

What our users say

  • Nikolay, age 33, Java-developer
    … I work for a European company. We are free to choose any card for payrolls; the only requirement is that the card should be issued by a European financial institution. I hesitated to go to the bank because in that case, I would have to find time during my working hours, go there and fill out all these forms and maybe even wait in line. So Profee card turned out to be a perfect solution for me.
  • Anna, age 27, food-blogger
    … When I started getting income from my blog, I moved to France. I issued a card at a local bank, but, unfortunately, it had some restrictions for cross-border transfers, so I wasn’t able to send money to my family. I decided to try Profee card because it was easy and free to get it. Now I have no problems transferring money to my parents, and my grandma finally admitted that food blogging can be a real profession.
  • Alex, age 45, farmer
    … I applied for Profee card right from my farm. I pay with it for my purchases on the Internet, transfer money to guys who come to help me with some engineering works, and give the card details to my customers, when they are not ready to pay in cash.
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Manage your card with Profee app
  • View the full information about your card: balance, operation list, details.
  • Send money and top up the card from your Profee account or other cards.
  • Deal with any issues: instantly freeze the card or contact Profee support via Answer bot.
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