* Please note that an additional commission may be applied by a card scheme related to the currency conversion. The total fees applied to each transaction will be presented to you before you accept the transfer.


The limit is subject to the Account level

Account levelTransfer limit
Basic€150 per month (€50 per transaction)
Plus€15,000 per year
Premium€100,000 per year
Closing fee
Company reserves the right to charge a closing fee up to €10 (or the equivalent currency), but not more than the actual account balance.
Closing feeA fee charged by the Company upon the request received by a customer to close the account and terminate the business relationship. This fee is fixed and not more than the actual account balance.
Copy of statementReissuance of an account statement.
Maintaining the accountThe account provider operates the account for use by the customer.
WithdrawalAny transaction that results to money going out of your Profee account and Profee ecosystem/network into a bank account or card account.