Profee becomes Best Client-Orientated Fintech Company

Profee becomes Best Client-Orientated Fintech Company

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Corporate Vision Magazine revealed the winners of the 2023 Security Awards, honouring companies and professionals from all over the world. After careful consideration, Profee was named Best Client-Orientated Fintech Company – and for a good reason.

Corporate Vision's mission is 'to support and guide better business practices', bringing to light the achievements of aspiring companies. Security Awards is running for the second year, showcasing the innovative techniques used by professionals in different spheres and their ability to adapt to the constantly changing global environment. Profee can undoubtedly boast its high security standards, but why was it named the Best Client-Orientated Fintech Company?

At Profee, the safety of the transfers and the clients' data is the top priority. Profee is a PCI DSS-certified company that complies with the European regulators' mandatory requirements. Tier 4 data centres ensure the safety of the company's processes and information, while the anti-fraud and AML departments reduce the risk of suspicious schemes to a minimum. Each transfer from a card is completed with a 3DS check. In short, plenty of procedures and algorithms guarantee Profee transfers' security – but all the complex work behind it is not visible to Profee customers, who enjoy a simple and user-friendly service.

With Profee, making a transfer is simple & fast: new customers need to file only the essential information before sending money for the first time, and those who have already been using Profee for a while may save their card details to make the payments even easier. Thanks to Profee's intuitively comprehensive interface, a card-to-card transfer can be completed in a few minutes without significant effort. Even when it comes to procedures that may seem complex, the Profee team do their best to simplify them. For example, when a client wants to verify their identity (to increase the sending limit to 15,000 EUR a year), they are forwarded to the verification bot, guiding them through the necessary steps.

We strive to keep Profee smart and safe transfers hassle-free, and the trust and support of our customers prove that we are creating an award-winning service.

The terms are valid on Apr 28, 2023. Check the available offer here.

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