Profee honoured as one of Cyprus’ top 10 startups 2023

Profee honoured as one of Cyprus’ top 10 startups 2023

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Industry Outreach Magazine, a prominent media outlet focusing on fast-growing technologies and their impact on modern companies, has recently published the list of 2023 top startups based in Cyprus. Profee was one of the companies chosen for the award.

Cyprus is a place-to-be for startups in 2023, with some experts calling it ‘a bridge between Europe and Asia’. The companies may profit from the country’s ‘comparatively advanced, free-market, service-based economy.’ It is attractive and convenient for investors and grants access to the EU market for startups. Therefore, it is no surprise that the country is luring increasingly growing startups uniting a flock of professionals for numerous industries. With dozens of new companies entering the market annually, choosing the top 10 may seem harsh – and being included in the list is especially rewarding.

Industry Outreach Magazine has evaluated many Cyprus-based companies, dwelling on their business strategy, achievements, and goals. Profee, with its expanding geography and payment methods variety, is clearly on the way to covering the needs of customers from all over the world. Profee addresses major complexities associated with cross-border remittances, resolving them with the help of cutting-edge technologies and a customer-oriented approach. According to Industry Outreach experts, Profee flawlessly harnesses high-tech solutions (i.e. incorporating an AI-powered chatbot into the service(, offering its clients not only secure and speedy transactions but also a comprehensive interface and favourable terms. The latter includes a beneficial exchange rate (for cross-currency remittances) and special conditions for transfers to popular destinations. Profee makes it possible to finally leave behind the challenges associated with transferring overseas and focus on what is indeed important – supporting your family by sending money with love and care.

The terms are valid on Jul 21, 2023. Check the available offer here.

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Profee launches remittances to Nigeria
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Profee launches remittances to Nigeria

Send money to Niregia with Profee with no commission at a promo rate.

Pix is now available at Profee! | Profee Blog
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Pix is now available at Profee!

Profee enables instant transfers to Brazil via PIX, seamlessly connecting European bank cards for swift and convenient international transactions.

Profee launches promo campaign for all transfers to Uzbekistan | Profee Blog
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Profee launches promo campaign for all transfers to Uzbekistan

From 10 March to 14 April inclusive, transfers to Uzbekistan of up to EUR 500 will benefit with 0% commission and promo rate.