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To receive a transfer, there is no need to register at Profee. The money can be sent to Visa, MasterCard

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Simple way to send money

Choose a transfer amount

Enter the amount and currency you will be transferring, and choose the recipient country.
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Sign up

Complete the simple and free registration to ensure the security of your money transfer.
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Add transfer details

Enter the card details for the sender and recipient and confirm the transfer.
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Delivery of the funds

Once you submit the instruction for your money transfer, we will deliver your funds within minutes. In case that a currency conversion is required we will exchange it at up to 8x cheaper than the banks.
Profee step four - money received
Profee step one - choose sender's country and card
Profee step two - register
Profee step three - recipient's card
Profee step four - money received

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Here at Profee your security is our priority. We are a licensed company and we are committed to complying with the regulations of the financial institutions of the European Union. All money transfers are certified by Visa, MasterCard, regulators and are PCI DSS certified.

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Our global customer support team is here for you. We speak different languages in a few time zones, so we never miss your request!

Frequently Asked Questions

Send money from Hungary to Russia

Have you been struggling to find a way to transfer money from Hungary to Russia? With Profee you can send money to Russia quickly with the security of a licensed institution.

Profee frees you from endless searches and complicated procedures. To send money online, take a minute to register an account, a couple more minutes to enter the transfer amount and the recipient’s and your own bank card details, and a few more minutes to have your money delivered.

Please refer to our article about money transfers to Russia to stay up-to-date with the current restrictions before you make a money transfer from Hungary to Russia.

Why do I need to register an account?

Profee is a licensed EMI that follows strict European regulations. To secure our client’s transactions and prevent fraudulent activity, we must know who is using our service. We use the latest technologies to make sure you can transfer money online efficiently while we keep your personal data safe.

How much does Profee charge for money transfers to Russia?

We believe that sending money online should be fast and affordable. All our fees are transparent and visible to you before you proceed with the transfer with no hidden costs.

Simply enter the amount you want to send, and we will give your live information about applied currency rates.

And that’s not all! Profee is by far the cheapest way to send money from Hungary to Russia as we have currently lifted transaction fees for all money transfers to Russia.

How much money can I send using Profee?

As soon as you sign up, you are assigned a Basic account with a monthly transaction limit of €150.

Do you need to transfer more money on regular basis? Verify your identity to upgrade to the Plus account level and send up to €15.000 a year - the best way to transfer money from Hungary to Russia.

Our Premium users enjoy the freedom of transacting up to €100.000 a year with Profee. Speak to the Customer Support team to get a free Premium account.

Sign up now and enjoy a fast, secure and hassle-free way to transfer money from Hungary to Russia!