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To receive a transfer, there is no need to register at Profee. The money can be sent to Visa, MasterCard, SEPA

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Choose a transfer amount

Enter the amount and currency you will be transferring, and choose the recipient country.
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Complete the simple and free registration to ensure the security of your money transfer.
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Add transfer details

Enter the card details for the sender and recipient and confirm the transfer.
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Delivery of the funds

Once you submit the instruction for your money transfer, we will deliver your funds within minutes. In case that a currency conversion is required we will exchange it at up to 8x cheaper than the banks.
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Profee step one - choose sender's country and card
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Here at Profee your security is our priority. We are a licensed company and we are committed to complying with the regulations of the financial institutions of the European Union. All money transfers are certified by Visa, MasterCard, regulators and are PCI DSS certified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send money from the UK to Germany

For years the United Kingdom has been an attractive destination for millions of people who choose the UK for studies or work. Having moved countries, many ex-pats will search for a reliable way to send money back home, whether occasionally or frequently. With approximately 150,000 Germans residing in the UK, the demand for money transfers from the United Kingdom to Germany is quite high. In 2020 Germany was the second major recipient of European personal remittances after France. Mainly due to the large number of foreign workers who send part of their salaries to their families. And of course most of them want to do it online, in a fast and cheap way. At Profee we understand this, so we have created a service that offers the best way to transfer money from the UK to Germany.

How does it work?

Our service offers the best terms for small and large money transfers. You can do a small international or local money transfer with less than 1£ transfer fee. But if you want to send a larger amount of money, the maximum fee does not exceed 1£ per transaction. That’s not the only benefit you get if you are looking for a smart and convenient solution to transfer money to Germany from the UK. Among other advantages:

  • The whole process, including registration, submission of the necessary data and money transfer will take around 3 minutes;
  • Before you submit your international money transfer, you will see a handy currency conversion window with the applied exchange rate from GBP to EUR;
  • A competitive exchange rate can help you to save more money when you send money from the UK to Germany.

Is my money safe with Profee?

When you transfer money online from Germany to the UK, we provide you with the highest level of security and protection:

  • Profee is operated by a licensed European EMI, that uses Tier4 data-centers to securely store clients’ data, and passes PCI DSS certification every year, to grant maximum safety of your money, data and money transfers;
  • Three account levels suit different needs and thus require different sets of documents to guarantee the security of our clients and their funds. With “Basic” account you can send 150 euros a month, whereas upgrading to the “Plus” level will increase your limits to 15,000 euros per year, and with the “Premium” account the annual limit for money transfers from the UK to Germany will reach 100,000 euros. All of the levels are free, and each is suitable for different needs.
  • Our customer service team speaks three languages (English/Russian/Greece), and are available via chat, email and phone;

Profee account levels

People have different goals while making transfers from the UK to Germany, so each of the three types of accounts will be suitable for different purposes:

  • If you want to send a small amount of money as fast as possible, a** Basic **account is your choice. Just fill in some basic information about yourself at registration and you can transfer up to 150 euros per month;
  • Plus account is the best option for regular online transfers from the UK to Germany. To upgrade to this account level, follow an automated process to submit a proof of identity and residence. The limit for this type of account is 15,000 euros per year;
  • For larger money transfers we’ve created a **Premium **account level. It will allow you to transfer up to 100,000 euros a year. Contact us for more information.

Enjoy Profee benefits and transfer money from the United Kingdom to Germany with ease: just log in or register a new account, upgrade your account if necessary, enter your and the recipient’s card details, transfer amount and confirm your money transfer. That’s it! Funds will go directly to the recipient's bank card in a few minutes.