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Secure transfers from Visa/MasterCard, SOFORT and using Google Pay and Apple Pay with just a few clicks.

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Prompt transfers to Visa, MasterCard bank cards in just two minutes.

Direct crediting to EU bank accounts is also available.

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Simple way to send money

Choose a transfer amount

Enter the amount and currency you will be transferring, and choose the recipient country.
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Complete the simple and free registration to ensure the security of your money transfer.
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Add transfer details

Enter the card details for the sender and recipient and confirm the transfer.
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Delivery of the funds

Once you submit the instruction for your money transfer, we will deliver your funds within minutes. In case that a currency conversion is required we will exchange it at up to 8x cheaper than the banks.
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Profee step one - choose sender's country and card
Profee step two - register
Profee step three - recipient's card
Profee step four - money received

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Here at Profee your security is our priority. We are a licensed company and we are committed to complying with the regulations of the financial institutions of the European Union. All money transfers are certified by Visa, MasterCard, regulators and are PCI DSS certified.

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Our global customer support team is here for you. We speak different languages in a few time zones, so we never miss your request!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer money from Germany to Canada with Profee?

If you are looking for a way to send money from Germany to a holder of a Canadian Mastercard card, Profee will make sure you can do it with ease. Profee enables its users to make quick and simple card-to-card international money transfers from Germany to Canada with low commission fees.

Take about 3 minutes to register with Profee and make your first transfer:

  1. Sign up. Register an account by submitting some basic information about yourself.
  2. Confirm your phone number.
  3. Choose the source and destination countries, enter the amount and your and the recipient’s Mastercard card details.

As simple as that. In most cases, funds are delivered in minutes.

All this, together with the €1 transaction fee, makes Profee one of the best ways to transfer money from Germany to Canada.

How much money can I send from Germany to Canada?

Compliant with European regulations and for your convenience, we have introduced three different account levels:

  • Basic. This account is assigned to everyone upon registration and allows transfers of up to €150 a month.
  • Plus. If you are looking to send more money online, a free upgrade to Plus account will allow you to transfer up to €15,000 per year. To do that, follow a simple automated process in your account to upload a copy of your ID and proof of residence.
  • Premium. To send up to €100,000 per year, send us proof of income, and you will be upgraded to the Premium level.

For more information visit our Account Levels page or speak to the Customer support team.

How else can I use Profee?

When you register with Profee, you can do so much more than sending money from Germany to Canada. Profee users enjoy fast and cheap online money transfers from European countries to over 45 destinations all over the world.

Additionally, our users receive a modern and efficient way to manage their personal finances. Some of the wallet functionalities include:

  • Multicurrency balances;
  • Balance top-up with credit/debit card and wire transfer;
  • In-wallet currency exchange;
  • Digital and physical VISA cards, that can be added to Apple Pay / Google Pay for contactless payments;
  • ATM withdrawals;
  • Sending and requesting funds between Profee users;

Moreover, you can get nice bonuses with the referral programme. Invite as many friends as you like with the referral link. Your friends will enjoy a commission-free first money transfer, and we will reward you every time your friends’ first transfer with Profee exceeds €100.

Who can help me if I have more questions?

You can find more information about Profee in the FAQ section.

If you are facing an issue with your money transfer from Germany to Canada or would like to speak to a Customer support representative for any other reason, you can do so in chat, email or by calling +357 22 000 253.

Money transfers from Germany to Canada for only €1!*

No other fees and charges. Any transfer amount with a fixed commission as low as 1 EURO. Secure, fast and hassle-free.

*Fixed rates valid for a limited time.
*For transfers in pounds, the fee is £1.